Latest Report on Cruise Ship Disaster

All the major news organizations are covering this tragedy so it is a lot easier to get news, unlike the flooding disaster in the Cinque Terre a few months ago.

According to CNN this morning there are now 11 fatalities and 24 missing, and divers are searching inside the ship, hoping to find more survivors who may have been able to stay in a sealed compartment.

I know from talking to people who have never cruised this situation has only reinforced their desire to stay on land or in the air. As for me, I realize that this kind of catastrophe does not happen often and I am looking forward to my adventure on the Norwegian Epic this spring.

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  1. lorisamarin

    I had a particularly bad experience on a winter transatlantic crossing in 1963 as a your child which was much more severe than this recent cruise ship disaster. Since them I have developed a phobia about cruise ships.

    However, apart that, I also have a problem with shipboard hygene. One is in contact with people from 30+ countries at once, and the food that is prepared and served “in masse” is done so primarily by employees from third world countries, who have -many times- no clue -what hygene is all about, when it comes to food preparation, etc.

    Additionally, I have heard “horror stories” told by top chefs of important country clubs, ship captains of respectable cruise lines, who admit (in private) that there are major problems as to aforementioned.

    Cruise ships are not to my liking.

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