Rome’s Colosseum Considers Limiting Visitors

ANSA reports today that the Colosseum is considering limiting the numbers of tourists to 6000 at any one time. Other tourist attractions in Italy have limited visitors, most notably the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where only 30 people are allowed  at the top at any one time.

The Uffizi Museum in Florence has been restricting visitors for a few years  to 900 inside at a time, and in Milan there are strict visiting regulations to see the famous Da Vinci painting of  The Last Supper. Only 25 people at a time can view this painting and you have to get tickets up to six months in advance for the privilege.

No explanation was given as to the proposal to limit tourist numbers inside the Colosseum, but with pieces of rock falling and an upcoming restoration scheduled to begin in March, it is not too surprising.

2 Responses

  1. Bonnie D.

    My personal feeling is that these treasures are far too precious to risk to all comers. If for no other reason than they are not as appreciated by many as anything more than a great background on their postcards to prove they were in Rome. In America we have Indian Mounds and that is about all that goes back to antiquity. The countries with long histories are to be commended on their efforts to preserve the past for the future.

  2. Donna

    Actually I’m glad to hear it if the purpose is to preserve these monuments.

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