Update in Vernazza

I was wondering how things were going in Vernazza and found this video update posted a couple of days ago. It looks as thought the locals are allowed back into the town and  things are slowly starting to come back after much hard work.

 I love this video because it shows Italians doing what they love – getting together and of course preparing food. It looks like they are smoking meat in the piazza there with the fire and then later serving it with other food outside.  I love it!

2 Responses

  1. Bonnie D.

    The first thing you need after a disaster is a pep rally. You can call it, “We Survived and Now We Will Thrive!” You can call it anything but the point is the people have to rally around and food is a good thing to rally ’round. The reason New Orleans remains in terrible shape today is the lack of locals to rally together and make it happen. Europeans have been trashed repeatedly simply because they have existed far longer than America. You can bomb them today and they will be building and repairing Cathedrals and Museums tomorrow. You can kick them but not keep them down. Give them a few more months and the place will be beautiful again.

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