Happy New Year – Last Post for 2011

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It seems like forever since I wrote anything on my blog. I guess with the holidays everyone is busy. Christmas in Florida was warm and I very much enjoyed my time with my family.  There never seems to be anything better than that!

I have also been busy creating some photo note cards with some of my favorite scenes from Italia.  A friend is selling them in Havre, Montana in her recently opened boutique, Bellisima Boutique and Bridal. She has a passion for Italy like I do and in her shop she features imported bath and body products from Italy as well as fine leather Italian handbags and silks.

I am also setting up a store on Etsy.com to sell these cards. So far all I have is the store name, Cardz by Margieeee, and a profile and hopefully I will have the cards up for sale next week. I will post more on that later.

I understand that Vernazza is slowly coming back with a lot of assistance from the government as well as donations from other sources. I am so glad to hear that since that area relies totally on tourism for its livelihood, and it was such a beautiful place.  Italians are hardy and also determined so I have no doubt that it will be a beautiful place sometime again. Check out Rick Steves’ website for the latest news on the progress. He has slideshows and photos from Vernazza as well as ways to help for anyone interested in making a donation.

I am looking forward to returning to Italy in the spring and taking a Western Mediterranean cruise, as well as having time to visit a few friends and cousins.  I won’t be traveling solo this time as my friend Sue who traveled with me in 2009 to Italy will be joining me again.  I guess I am destined to keep going back. On that note I am going to be taking some more conversational and reading Italian classes beginning in January, as my speaking skills have definitely suffered lately.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Margie,

    I am so glad that your given the opportunity to go back to Italy again this year. It hardly seems close to a year since I was there as well.
    Thank you for the lovely mentions of my shop in Havre, Montana: my baby, Bellisima Boutique and Bridal. You are so very kind my friend.
    Last week I also got in a line of Italian candies. Little fruity things that are fabulous and just seem to call my name as I am working, making it hard to not wander over and have another from the sample bowl.
    I am so glad to be able to carry your cards in my store…It is a wonderful addition to all the other things Italia.
    Have a Happy New Year and will chat later.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Margie,
    The year has sure went by fast, and so glad you get to go back to Italy this year. Its hard to believe that its just short of a year since I was there.
    Thank you for the lovely compliments on Bellisima Boutique & Bridal…My baby!
    Last week I also added Italian candies to the selections…my problem is keeping my fingers out of the sample candy bowl. Little fruity things that are so good.
    Have a very Happy New Year and will chat later.

  3. Bonnie D.

    This planet has sure had more than the usual amount of natural disasters this year. Tornados completely destroyed at least one small town in the South last year. Japan is trying to survive the triple threat of 2011. I hope that Vernazza comes back better than ever and it will. Nothing has ever managed to destroy the Italians. Vernazza may look different but the people will be the same resourceful and determined people that they have always been.

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