Italy Continues to Deal with Weather Disasters

As bad as the news of the last week has been for Cinque Terre and other small towns in Liguria, the torrential rains from last Friday and subsequent flooding have caused more havoc in Genoa, Italy’s chief seaport, where seven people have died. Click here for photos in Genoa of the aftermath of the flooding.

My Sicilian friend Angela has been working near Genoa in the smaller town of Arenzano, and fortunately is back in Sicily, as the season has ended and the hotel is closed until the Spring.

I am grateful that I visited Italy in the Spring, rather than this time of year.

  1. Christine

    Thank’s for helping keep people up to date with what is going on here. It’s not getting as much attention as it should be in U.S. media outlets, and I’m happy to see there is a healthy number of blogs keeping some attention here

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