Cinque Terre Latest News – Vernazza and Monterosso Evacuated

As more rain is anticipated in the Cinque Terre, it has been reported that Vernazza and Monterosso have been completely evacuated, and only the military are in Vernazza for now. Every time I read more stories I feel so much sadness and empathy for the wonderful Italian people of that region, which has been declared a state of emergency.

The infrastructure in Italy is not in a position to be able to fully restore these villages without outside help, that is certain. I am so happy to finally see that a website, Save Vernazza , has been set up for helping the people of Vernazza. It was organized by four expat American women who have been living in Vernazza for the past six to sixteen years.

Many of my friends here and in Italy have said they wish they could so something to help, and the best way is to go to and donate whatever you are able. The Italian people will be very grateful for any help. Their livelihood in these towns depends so much on tourism, which for now has been completely wiped out. As of now ten people have died in that region due to the flooding and Vernazza is buried 13 feet deep with mud and debris from rockslides.

On the Save Vernazza website, there are so many photos showing the massive amount of damage to one village in the Cinque Terre. Vernazza sustained the most damage, although Monterosso was also heavily damaged. It is estimated that the damage in Vernazza is in excess of 50 million euros, but I am sure that is a conservative estimate.

The website will be fully functional to accept donations by PayPal on November 11, 2011.

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