News From Sicily – Mt Etna Erupts Again

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When I was visiting Teresa at her home in Sicily I could see the beautiful view of Mt Etna from her balcony. The most active volcano in Europe has erupted for the 17th time this year! The video is incredible. Click here to watch video of Mt Etna eruption. I am waiting to hear from Teresa to see if she had any ash at her house in Taormina.

Teresa Savoca on her balcony in Taormina with Mt Etna in the background

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  1. Bonnie D.

    17 times this year Etna has exploded? I assume your friend keeps a big mop and bucket handy for the more than once a month ash clean up. I find life dangerous enough without living in the shadow of an angry mountain, no matter how beautiful the area is. I do wish Teresa good fortune.

  2. I have found the answer to life

    Thank you for sharing the BBC footage of the volcano in Sicily. That is amazing and praying that your friend is alright, as well as the others who live in Sicily. How many miles would she be from the site? It appears from the picture that its really not that far, considering it is a volcano.

    • margieinitaly

      Taormina is only 14 miles from Mt Etna and nobody was hurt during the eruption but quite possible ash is at her house, especially since Catania airport was closed.

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