Milano Train Station

Milano Centrale
Milan’s main train station

I have been writing a lot of travel articles about Italy recently for various websites. One of the more recent websites I started to write for is While researching some information on an article I recently submitted but has not yet been published I discovered something interesting relating to Milan.

The article is about Milan’s main train station, Milano Centrale. Over the past few years much money has been spent to upgrade the station with escalators, elevators and many other improvements. One of the major reasons this has been done is in preparation for the 2015 Expo, which will be held in Milan.

I had vaguely heard about this but had totally forgotten about it. It is a huge event, basically it is the World’s Fair, and Milan won over other competing cities for the privilege of hosting this event. Writing articles is great because not only do I get to relive some of my favorite experiences from Italy, but I also learn new things in doing the research.

I was also pleased that my article for the October issue of La Gazzetta Italiana newspaper made it into the online version this time! The theme is Italian culture and festivals, so the article is titled “Italian Festivals – Big and Small.”

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