Still Editing Photos

This editing process takes time but as I wrote in my last post, it is fun since I am reliving my experience in Italy with each photo. Photographs capture the moment forever, creating memories that last a lifetime. Maybe that is why I enjoy photography so much. I have just completed editing the first month of photos, which includes Venice, Umbria and Tuscany.

I found the photos from Venice which show the people at work, using their boats to transport whatever products or materials they needed especially interesting. Here is a small sample of those photos.

Making deliveries in Venice, Italy
Deliveries at the Rialto Market in Venice, Italy
Construction materials - Venice
Early Morning Workers in Venice, Italy
Making deliveries in Venice, Italy
DHL Express making deliveries on Murano Island, Venice

  1. Bonnie D.

    There are more jobs around the world than I ever considered. For instance, delivering bags of sacrete or concrete via narrow draft boats. One wave and the whole business sinks. And don’t be standing between sacks of material or they will harden around your ankles and away you go!

    OK, perhaps a tad extreme but really, I am sure a few bags are lost to premature set up due to splashing. Bet they have ferocious no-wake laws. And here is a question that only a video would answer: do they still sing while oaring if there is nobody else to hear them? Hmm?

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