Italy DVD Completed Finally

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Finally after hours, days and weeks of editing, adding media, rendering and re-doing it all at least ten times, I was successful in making a DVD with music and my photos from Italy. This is Part I, only the first month there, but I am happy. To finish the other two months will take several months but at least I learned a few things from this project and the next DVD’s should be easier. I ended up having to buy a new DVD drive and that was the final solution.

It is nice to have this and go back to Italy vicariously anytime I want, although I think I have the scenes memorized by this point. Making the DVD made me realize just how many places I experienced. This DVD alone starts at the Amsterdam airport, then the Milan train station and includes Venice, Murano, Udine, Cividale, Perugia, Deruta, Assisi, Orvieto, Siena, Chianti wine country, Monteriggioni, Florence, Fiesole, San Gimignano, Florence and Montepulciano.

My friend Bonnie who comments frequently on my blog, actually was a motivating force behind my making the DVD. The idea was in the back of my mind but I might not have done it till later if it had not been for her. Brava Bonnie and grazie for all the encouragement!!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m just curious…how long is the DVD? I made one of my month trip for my parents and ended up with an hour and a half. It has to be viewed like a movie! (or in small amounts at a time) Thanks to Bonnie for encouraging you. I personally can’t wait to see ALL the DVD’s you make; no matter how long they last!

    • margieinitaly

      Tammy, thank you for commenting..the DVD is an hour and 20 minutes, similar to yours. That is much longer than most wish to view a video, but I made it for myself and a few friends who expressed an interest in seeing it.

  2. Bonnie D.

    Ah shucks! Actually I was looking out for my own interests. Having seen your video work before and having enjoyed the subject matter on the first posting I knew the end results would be very enjoyable. Not just to myself but also to others who have to enjoy our travels vicariously. Thank you!

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