Photo Editing

Although I was editing photos all the time I was in Italy so I could upload them onto this blog and Facebook, I have now started the major job of editing the more than 7000 photos that I shot while I was there. I am hoping to create some photo books and maybe other projects like a DVD from these eventually.

While photo editing can be tedious, I am actually enjoying it, since I am reliving my experiences in Italy through the memories of the photographs. What a powerful medium photography can be!

Ponte Vecchio Florence,Italy

The Ponte Vecchio, translated to Old Bridge, is probably one of the most photographed bridges in Florence and certainly one with the most interesting history. The oldest of Florence’s six bridges, the Ponte Vecchio crosses the Arno River at its most narrow point. This bridge dates back to Roman times with its stone pillars and wooden planks, and shortly after its construction, was destroyed by a flood in 1333. Twelve years later it was rebuilt and the present bridge dates back to 1565.

It has always hosted shopkeepers and merchants who have displayed their wares on tables in front of their premises. In the 15th century these were the greengrocers, or fruttivendoli, butchers and fishmongers. Today the Ponte Vecchio is known for the goldshops lining both sides, and is always packed with tourists hoping for a bargain, not likely in these times when gold prices are at an all time high.

2 Responses

  1. Denise

    We have a very nice restaurant in Cleveland called Ponte Vecchio built on the old Superior River viaduct – quite a few less years’ history. But now I know the origin of the name!

  2. Bonnie D.

    I love the old stones and the new people. How many thousands of feet have walked that bridge? Some, maybe to cross the water and others maybe to shop a little in what must be the earliest of “malls.”

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