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After I returned from Italy I wrote an article on Tips for Buying Train Tickets in Italy and it was published on Associated Content, which is owned by Yahoo. I am a featured travel contributor on Yahoo and write travel articles on domestic and international travel topics. It is something I enjoy and also an added source of income, which came in handy when I booked all those hotels in Italy.

Train ticket machines
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Today I was surprised to find out that in the last two weeks the article has had over 3000 page views, so apparently it is a popular subject. I may get busy writing other articles related to train travel in Italy!

  1. Bonnie D.

    Writing instructions for train travel seems to be paying off. Do you suppose Rick Steves got started this way?

    I am a fan of Chef Lydia but never knew she was related to that Stiff on Chef Ramsey’s second show with home cooks. The Italian consulate and the Pope should get him banned in Europe. Can you write an article on that! Now that’s the “ticket!”

    By the way, when I first saw the machines I thought they were slot machines. I am never going to Europe as I would surely be thrown out of the country myself. I have never been known as a tactful person. . . I am working on it, I SAID I AM WORKING ON IT! OK?!

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