Naples – Not the Best Part of Italy

Naples Trash Exceeds 2000 Tons

Italy Naples Trash

This is yet another reason I decided not to go to Naples while I was in Italy. Unfortunately the negative aspects of crime, garbage and danger outweighed the positive ones for me and I do not regret the decision at all. Even Italians warned me about Naples while I was in Italy. It is sad that a solution has not been found to correct these problems, which obviously impact the tourist economy in the area.

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  1. josephehler

    It’s a shame that you’ve let such petty things like these deter you from visiting one of the most beautifully historic cities in the world. Naples is the essence of Italy and there isn’t a place quite like it.

    I love how people (americans really) paint Italy as this picture perfect place–the type of scenery you’d expect from a romantic hollywood production. That is a flat out LIE. The fact is — Italy is a real place, not some fantasy land, as is Naples. If you’ve dismissed Naples, you’re dismissing the heart of Italian culture.

    This really infuriates me. Why do (some) northerners have this idea that they are somehow better than the southerners. Are you even remotely aware as to why the situation is as such? You can thank your lovely northern corporations. Historically raping the south. Dumping their toxic waste in Naples, leaving no where for Neapolitans to dispose of their own waste–and why? So the north can remain hollywood perfect. So no fault to Naples.

    How about visiting a city before you make your judgments–otherwise you just sound like an ignorant traveler.

  2. BonnieD.

    I remember my first or second trip to NYC. Not sure which, think it was the second. At any rate there were tons of trash in the streets there. I thought it was just Brooklyn! Statin Island was fine so naturally I just ignored the rest of it. What do you expect from city people! LOL I was so green. At any rate the thing that amazed me is that there were so few rats! I think the trick is to keep your expectations low and then nothing really bothers you. LOL The secret to my success; keep your expectations low! And Margie’s is keep your expectations high and they will be realized!

  3. bagnidilucca

    Naples has its charms. There are some wonderful places in the city and the food is excellent. I don’t agree with the above comment about Pisa at all. The main street, Borgo Stretto is quite interesting, with some great shops and restaurants and a good market. There are certainly more beautiful places in Italy, but Pisa has some great spots and the Piazza Miracoli is spectacular and well worth a visit. It has been cleaned up a lot in the last few years and is looking good.

  4. I have found the answer to life

    Not having been to Naples, but would certainly never bother going to Pisa again. That was the only place I found in my time in Italy, that was unscruptulous, and touristy, and hustlers with their umbrella’s and sunglasses , along with a steady stream of gypsies begging for money…..

    • I have found the answer to life

      However, the picture you posted is ridiculous….And they want others to come? Contrary picture to some of the other cities that are there, and street sweepers with brooms in hand literally cleaning all the time….

  5. Donna

    OMG! Too bad that they’ve let such a wonderful city fall into such disrepair.

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