Flowers in Italy

Almost everywhere I went in Italy I noticed that there were flowers. The Italians love their flowers and they are everywhere! I loved seeing them and once I returned home, I bought some flowerboxes and planted some pentas.

Here are a few samples of what beautiful floral sights I was treated to each day in Italia!












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  1. I have found the answer to life

    Beautiful pictures once again.
    I agree, there are flowers everywhere and when all else fails, they hang from the window sills or sit on them..Many times I found myself captivated by the people in the homes, tending their flowers, sweeping the floors of their home and occasionally glancing out…
    I also absolutely adore their iron shutters, that one just pulls down for the night…How amazing!

  2. Michelle

    I love this post! And such beautiful photography…

    They do love ’em, don’t they? I remember that when I living in Italy, it was even more common than it is here to bring flowers to the hosts of a dinner party.

    I adore your blog as well! I didn’t happen to see your comment on my blog until weeks after you posted it!

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