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Thursday June 16


As I sit outside at the Nilus Bar/Paninoteca in Varenna, listening to the gentle waves hitting the shoreline and watching the ferry cross to Bellagio, I realized something I have always known about myself. More than any other place, I love to be near the water.


Whether it is an ocean, a lake or a marina, it is always the place where I feel completely relaxed and happy.


I am looking out at sailboats that are anchored close to the shore, and watching the Mallard ducks get shooed away by a waiter. The sounds of the waves drown out any of the conversations from nearby tables, and clouds are settling in the lower mountains surrounding the lake, after an early morning rain.


Sometimes I think it wouldn’t take too much to keep me here, but when I awaken from the daydream, I quickly become aware of the stark realities of life on a hillside in Italy.

Photo by Margie Miklas

4 Responses

  1. Jill

    Having fallen in love with a great body-the body of water called the Gulf of Mexico- I understand how you have a place you have totally fallen in love with.
    When do you begin making local calls again?!
    Love reading your posts, … now it is time to hear your voice again.
    In English.
    Love you!
    p.s. have you flown a kite while in the water, …there?!

  2. Lori Samarin

    During one of our last extended trips to Italy, one of our cousins in Udine commented to us: ” Why do you yearn so much for Italy, when you live in paradise?” This is true. There is a trade off, however if One loves both and must choose to live in only one. Too long to elaborate on, but I think it speaks to your comment!

  3. George Miklas

    A very dear college buddy of mine is a music director for Celebrity Cruise Lines and is currently aboard the “Solstice” He has worked in this capacity for 18 years, loves it, and will never willing give it up. I don’t which is the main draw for him be it living on the water, the world travel or the prestigious music position. When he comes home for a 2 month break each year, I enjoy hearing him retell his adventures.

    For me and my family, camping is where we find out peace away from the day-to-day drive of life. Mostly camping near the water be it a lake, river, or stream, and either tubing, canoeing, or kayaking too, we love being by the water too.


  4. imarancher D.

    People vacation in Florida from all over the world. They love it here and you live here. That is the difference between vacation and life. It looks different when you are throwing money at the local economy. We too are surrounded by water but no pleasant Italians catering to rich Americans. My sister was a good deal like you in loving the water but she preferred to be on the water as crew on a Sailing Ship. It took her miles and centuries away from her “real” life and she lost herself in it.

    Where there is water, there are people. Fly over this country at night and note the huge areas without lights. No water. All the water ways are densely populated but without water, no people. Now when you think of me, do you think “people” person or do you think “Recluse” with a capital R? LOL So I will hang out inland, having had plenty of people and beaches in youth. I still love the pictures but mostly because you concentrate on the natural beauty and not the “beautiful people.”

    In closing, it is time to come home before we lose you. Your real ties are here. Come home. Bonnie has spoken!

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