Savoca Family and Arriving in Maiori

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Sunday May 29

On my last day in Rome, I met the oldest Savoca brother, Salvatore, and his wife, Esin. They came to my hotel and we spent about an hour and a half getting to know each other and sharing photos and stories.


Both of them were so nice and Salvatore also believes that our families must be related.
He speaks several languages including English, and his wife, who is from Turkey, speaks Turkish and only a little Italian. She kindly invited me to their home today, but I still needed to pack and leave on a train for Salerno in a few hours.


Hopefully one day they will be able to come to America, and I can open my home to them. Until then we will share stories and photos on email.

After they left, I finished packing, did some writing, and took a cab to the Termini.


I have never been to Maiori, which is part of the beautiful Amalfi Coast, just five km past Amalfi. The SITA bus ride from the train station in Salerno was a beautiful drive along the coastal road and cliffs, and probably the best €1.50 I have spent since arriving in Italy almost eight weeks ago.

Maiori has the longest beach of any of the towns along the Amalfi Coast, and the residential part sits up in the cliffs. I am staying at a Franciscan monastery and friars actually live here.


The monastery sits right on the Amalfi Coast road, along the sea, and I have the most beautiful view of the sea from my window. There is no air conditioning but the breeze off the sea makes it quite comfortable.


Maiori has a promenade all along the sea and it is filled with people, bars, gelaterias and restaurants.


After strolling up and down to see what was here, I went to Mass and afterwards went to Ristorante La Vela for dinner. The road runs along the beach but is elevated and opposite from the road are all the restaurants. I had a table with a view to die for. Compliments of the ristorante, I had some seaweed bruschetta along with my dinnner, and surprisingly I liked it! I hope all you foodies are reading this post! Octopus and seaweed within days of each other!


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  1. monica L.

    Great pics,as usual,Margieee!!! I have shown your blog and pics to everyone here at work,and they can’t believe how beautiful they are! miss you!!!

  2. Donna Musser

    One of the best meals we had in Rome was an octopus salad. Had never been a fan of octopus before, but you know what they say “When in Rome…” It was delicious. Glad you’re taking a food adventure along with your fabulous adventure.


  3. Bonnie D.

    Never been a fan of octopus but seaweed I can do. The vegetarian thing you know. When you write about the beaches I can smell the breezes. I think it must be beautiful there.

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