Relaxing in Varenna

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Tuesday June 14


I think I could stay at this place forever. It is so peaceful and beautiful, it makes me feel as though I never want to leave. I had breakfast this morning with a really nice couple I had met yesterday from Colorado, Dean and Nancy. This was their second trip to Lake Como and they also thought it was such a beautiful and tranquil place.

This hotel has several levels, and the higher levels are reached through a series of lifts or funiculars.


They gave me a tour, showing me how to operate it, and telling me how the views from the higher levels are even more awesome than what I had already seen!


I had already decided that I was spending the day sitting outside relaxing and enjoying the views, but once I saw the higher levels, there was no question in my mind!


This hotel had originally been built as a hermitage for priests and then later was an orphanage. The Pirelli family had it built, and one of the sons was a priest, and donated the building to the church.


You can see the hotel high up into the hillside. It was only recently made into a hotel with 21 rooms on six levels. The people who work here are really nice and what can be better than a cappuccino on the terrace while enjoying the views of Lake Como?

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Eventually I did take a walk into town and walked all along the passerella down to the ferry landing. This elevated walkway is out over the water and very peaceful.


I had dinner at the hotel on the terrace and it was wonderful of course, melanzane alla
parmigiana. Nancy and Dean joined me later and told me about their day in Bellagio. I am planning on taking the ferry there tomorrow as the weather forecast looks good.



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  1. imarancher D.

    I know your history better than most. You deserve this so very much. Kick off your shoes, have another cappuccino and exhale, your day has dawned.

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