Relaxing in Courmayeur

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June 21

Courmayeur is at the same latitude as Montreal, Canada, so sunrise is early, 5:30. I woke up to the sun shining and rolled over and went back to sleep with the great feeling that I didn’t have to get on a train or do anything today. I spent part of the day writing on my balcony and then took a walk around the town.


Later I went out again and bought my bus ticket for Aosta and the train tickets to San Remo, as suggested by Stefano at my hotel. I saw some hikers with backpacks that looked like they could have weighed about 50 pounds and was glad that I was not doing any hiking.


Since it had been five days since I had eaten any pasta, I was afraid I might be going through withdrawal, so I went out for dinner and was not disappointed.


I ate outside and talked a little with the owner of the restaurant, Pizzeria du Tunnel Ristorante, which was a five minute walk from my hotel. Of course the food was delicious and then I walked home, just before the rain started.


  1. imarancher

    A very wise decision to load up on pasta before the withdrawal kicks in! Love the pics, love the shots of the road, narrow, looks like single lane with trees lining the sides. I guess the cars are smaller and the centuries of occupation by people makes things crowded. Sitting in the middle of ten acres I can sympathize with Daniel Boone who needed “elbow room” he could not find in Kentucky. LOL Still, the beauty is compelling.

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