More Random Thoughts About the Italian Lifestyle

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Now that the temperatures are in the 80’s every day and it is warm, I do see many Italians wearing shorts, although most are young people. I am also in the south of Italy and I notice the difference in how people are dressed. Perhaps it is partly due to the climate, but I see far less people wearing scarves and stiletto heels here.

I also must amend my comments on the Italian bus drivers, as I have found many to be more than helpful. Kellen, you were right about them.

Dogs seem to be welcome everywhere in Italy. I have seen them on buses, trains, boats, in stores, restaurants and on tours. One bar even had a bowl of water and a specific section marked “Dog Bar.”

Each region in Italy is known for certain items either grown or produced in that area, such as olive oil, vino, ceramics, lemons, etc. The Italian people who live there are very proud of these items coming from the region, and they are eager to share with you anything they can. It may be taking a lemon from their tree, and scraping its skin, allowing you to smell its strong flavor.

They seem very connected with the earth and they appreciate whatever grows there naturally, using various herbs and plants to their benefit. Rather than taking these things for granted, the Italians have such a passion and appreciation for what grows around them, and they know how to make the most use out of it.

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  1. margieinitaly

    There are plenty of small churches especially in the small towns and villages. I will try and post some photos of those in another blog post.

  2. Bonnie D.

    I had heard that the French take their dogs everywhere but did not know it was much the same in Italy. I do love my dogs but I actually go out to get away from them! And the cats! And the horses and chickens and ducks and geese and so on and so forth! LOL I love them all but I do not need them along for the ride. The cats are too mean and the dogs are too big. And need we go into the farm animals? No. Since I am here let me ask a question. Are all the churches monumental or are there any little churches or chapels around? I remember Miami had a variety of little places to get away to and Tampa has some amazing wooded chapels very near the center of town. In just a few minutes of the ambience you can no longer hear the sounds of traffic. You may have been to the retreat here. Seen any of those type places? Perhaps the convents fulfill that role in Italy. Just musing.

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