Last Day in Maiori

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Thursday June 2

Today was a warm sunny day so I went to the beach. Since it’s a holiday, more local people were there and I loved watching them. The young men, maybe 18 or 20 years old, were singing. Italians love to sing, and although I was too young to remember, my older cousin John reminds me that my grandfather used to love to sing.


The water was refreshing, even though the beaches on the Amalfi Coast are not sandy, but rocky instead. They are made of stones, so I needed my sandals to walk to the water. These hardy Italians are used to it and walk barefoot.

I still love the scene of a beach surrounded by mountains of rock that come right down into the ocean. It is an awesome sight, like a postcard, as Pasquale from the ceramics shop so accurately described.


I had another salami panini and a plum on the beach, but this time I went to an alimentaria, and the shopowner made the panini with great care and pride. I had to tell him to make it piccolo, or he would have piled a quarter pound of salami on it.

The thing I like about the small shops in these towns is that most are run by their owners. The difference is very noticeable, as they take great pride in what they are doing. They make sure the entry to their shops is swept, they greet you and they are smiling as they are preparing something for you. Even the wrapping is not simple, as they carefully package something and tape it closed, sometimes even placing it into another bag. It’s the little things that make such a difference.

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  1. Janet

    I loved reading your blog! Chris and I are going on Friday for the first time….I am so excited! Your words make me more so. We are going on a tour to Rome, Florence and Venice. It is a lesiure tour so we will also have free time to explore. If you have “any” suggestions, we would love to hear them. I’d take you as a tour guide if I could. I am so glad you are living your life with such joy, sense of adventure and enthusiasm.

  2. Jill

    Margie, How wonderful reading these last updates in the life and times you are having!

  3. Lori Samarin

    As a child, I grew up Italy during the 50′-60’s at a time when it was normal to hear people sing or whistle as they walked, bicycled, worked, etc. Starting in elementary school, it was a normal daily class routine to sing. Children sang songs for an hour each day, and as a result I had developed a nice voice. I remember the teacher chose me often to sing the lead song in our school plays. I wish I would have continued singing, but once we returned to the States, the routine at school changed. These days, I find myself singing spontaneously every time I am at the beach, and the songs are always Italian….

  4. Bonnie D.

    When it is the owner or his family waiting tables you are bound to have a better experience than when the unmotivated teenager is taking the order. I like to go to the ZHills movie theater as it is locally owned by a nice family. They all work there. The place is immaculate. Lots of old time movie house decor cover the floors and walls. Not a particle of dust to be found. All the light bulbs are lit and so on. Bathrooms are beyond clean. The candy counter is not sticky. Not so at the AMC’s where people are filming the movie and talking on phones. Yuch. The personal touch is really, really nice. Especially when you are far from home. Glad you are enjoying the entire experience. Just curious, how much do you think your increasing comfort with the language has built bridges for you? I really do appreciate people trying to speak our language and can’t imagine anybody else not being impressed. You might get a little more personalized care due to that, I think. Not a bad thing!

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