First Day in Ostuni

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Tuesday June 7


This morning after breakfast I went out to explore Ostuni, and just outside my hotel I found I had a great view of the centro storico (historic center) of Ostuni! It is easy to see why Ostuni is called Città Bianca, the white city.


It was a short walk to the centro and there were photo opportunities around every corner, especially since it was early and not too many people were out yet.


I went inside the cathedral, a 15th century Romanesque-Gothic style church dedicated to the Madonna of the Assumption. It was really beautiful.


While browsing around the narrow alleys in Ostuni, I ran into Lucia, the girl I met yesterday on the shuttle bus. She showed me her house, which is tiny but spotless and meets her needs. Actually for a 19 year-old girl to be living on her own and supporting herself in southern Italy, she is doing great. I was impressed with her motivation when she told me she wants to be independent.


Needless to say, her traditional Italian parents do not approve. I encouraged her, and if she can get an education, she has a good chance of doing well. She was very inspiring, and reminded me of a time when my son moved to NYC at the age of 20. Go Lucia!

I spent the afternoon in my hotel doing some writing and catching up on laundry, and deciding how to spend the next few days in Puglia. I also discovered the great rooftop view from my hotel!

Just before I went to bed I heard this horrific noise from the bathroom, and suddenly water was everywhere. A pipe had burst as the radiator/hot water heater that is attached to the wall broke off. I couldn’t see any way to shut off the water and immediately called the front desk. Within minutes the bathroom as well as the bedroom were flooded. So at 11:30 pm I was packing things up and moving to another room. The upside to this saga was that I now had a room with a view of the centro!



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  1. imarancher D.

    I love your little Lucia friend. Tell her bellisimo or whatever is appropriate for encouragement from me. In regards when your boy went to NYC to live I was interested to hear how you felt about it. At the time I thought you were insane. You always were the one to make the best of a situation. I am so busy preparing for disasters that I am never optimistic.

    I cannot believe you had to go to Italy to have a flood. We have so much flooding here you could have stayed home! Still we do not have much in the way of midnight indoor flooding! Only you Margie!


  2. Lori Samarin

    Wonderful southern town. I am always amazed when I encounter ancient cobblestone streets in Italy , like the one shown on that beautiful photo you posted. To think of the people that walked the same paths centuries ago, is just amazing!

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