Driving Along the Amalfi Coast


The drive along Italy’s Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful anywhere, if you are not the one driving. For a few euros you can take a blue SITA bus from one town to the other, and enjoy the incredible scenery along the cliffside road from Maiori to Minori to Amalfi, Positano and other small villages in between these towns.

I hope these bus drivers are compensated well, because navigating a large bus on these steep winding roads, as well as the narrow streets within the towns, is a feat nothing short of a miracle.


When two buses are approaching each other on a curve from opposite directions, there is no room for both. The bus coming uphill must back down the road to allow room for the bus coming down. They literally pass within inches of each other, as well as within inches of lampposts and other structures built along the road. It is an awesome experience.

2 Responses

  1. Bonnie D.

    These guys cut their teeth on truck tires. It is not difficult for you to walk through a narrow doorway without hitting your shoulders and it is not much different to them. The truck is just an extension of themselves. The trick is to learn to drive very young while you are neurologically intact. Skiers start young to earn a start in the Olympics and so do skaters and so on. If you want remarkable drivers you have to start them very young. Not in High School as we do here.

  2. bagnidilucca

    I used to live in the small village of St’Agata sui due Golfi – between Sorrento and Positano. I think those bus drivers deserve medals. That drive is hair raising in a small car.

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