A Few Thoughts About the Italian Lifestyle Now that I Am Home

Thursday June 30

Now that I have been away from Italy for a few days I have thought about a few things I found amusing while I was there. These are just some of the nuances of the Italian lifestyle and culture that eventually grow on you once you have spent enough time there.

It seemed like it was more than a coincidence that no matter where I was, whenever I asked for directions, it was always one hundred meters down the road, or only cinque or dieci minuti. (Five or ten minutes). Almost every time, the distance was at least twice, if not three times that amount. I am smiling as I am writing this, because at first I found this frustrating, but eventually I realized that all I had to do was double the time and distance and it would be accurate.

On the flip side, drawing from the passion most Italians exude, they also tend to exaggerate some things, particularly when it comes to products or food items from their region. No matter where I was, someone would tell me that the gelato in that area was the best gelato, because the pistachios came from Bronte, where they are grown, or the lemons came from local trees. I was persuaded to try the prosciutto because it was homemade, and the same with the wine, olive  oil, etc.  They are so proud of their products from their individual regions and they maintain that identity with their region.

It really is nice though to see people who take so much pride in their culture and lifestyle that they boast about it whenever they have a chance. It is refreshing to see that, compared with people who are complaining about their city or workplace or living situation.

Just a few thoughts now that I have been away from Italia for three days. The jet lag hasn’t been too bad this time, but I am missing my morning cappuccino!

  1. Bonnie D.

    Do like I do and carry instant coffee to put in the regular coffee. Eventually you will hit the right combo and get that caffeine jolt that makes the world go round. . It is the only reason I do not have an implantable defibrillator!

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