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May 17

Today is a travel day, and by end of the day we will have used six different modes of transportation, including walking, taxi, train, bus, plane and rental car. The train ride is three hours to Milano, followed by an hour bus to Malpensa airport, and an hour and 40 minute flight to Palermo. Our destination is Palermo and for the next six days we will be in Sicily.

On the way to the airport I was reviewing our hotel reservations in Palermo, and discovered a requirement to check in by 1pm or make other arrangements. Of course by this time it was already past that time, so it was a little bit of added stress. Eventually I was able to make contact with them and they said they would wait and open the hotel for us in the evening when we arrived. Apparently it was a 20 room hotel with a reception desk that operates on limited hours.

This was just the beginning of the stress, because we ended up driving around Palermo for three hours in the dark, getting lost, and having no clue how to find the right roads. The exit we were told to take ended up somewhere other than where we needed to go. We had a GPS in the car, with an Italian instruction booklet, so were couldn’t use it.

To say we were frustrated was an understatement and added to being tired after traveling all day, this was not the best part of this trip. Luckily, I found a nice person at the train station who helped us out with directions and we found the hotel and checked in at 10:30 pm. So far our view of Palermo was not too positive, so hopefully in the morning we will be able to see a more positive side to this historic city and capital of Sicily. Vediamo.

  1. Bonnie D

    Wow, rough day (and night), especially after the long hike yesterday. Sleep well. . . .

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