Rick and Monica arrived

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Friday May 13

I took the Malpensa Shuttle bus to the airport to meet Rick and Monica! And it was wonderful to see them emerge from the doors after they went through customs. After more than four weeks traveling solo, I was really happy to have some of my family here to share the next two and a half weeks!

We took the bus back to the center of Milan, and after they checked into the hotel, we went across the street for some lunch. They both had pasta pomodoro (See where this comes from?), and since they were feeling the jet lag, they took a nap and I got caught up on my writing.

In the evening we took advantage of Hotel Berna’s great aperitivo in the bar, and certainly had no need for any more food after a glass of chianti, and bruschetta, pizza, and various vegetable dishes. The friendly bar manager Massimiliano (Max) made it a fun event and we were quite content. Tomorrow would be a day of sightseeing in Milan!

  1. Bonnie D.

    Great family, food and wine. . . what could be nicer? Well, have it all with an Italian back drop! Glad you are enjoying it all.

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