Rainy Day in Rome

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Saturday April 30

Today was a rainy day on and off but mostly on. The sun never came out, so it was kind of cold and damp most of the day. I was glad that I had gone to the Vatican yesterday. This morning I left early before the rains started, and walked the mile or so to the internet cafe, where I checked e-mail, updated my blog and posted some photos on FaceBook. I walked back to my room in the rain and caught up on some writing and a few other things like laundry, and then went back out once the rain had temporarily stopped.

I guess I am getting used to all this exercise because I walked all over for another three hours. I had no agenda so I walked past Piazza Repubblica, to the Forum, the Colosseum, and Santa Maria Maggiore Church. This is one of the locations where a large screen has been erected for the public to watch the beatification tomorrow. When I got there, videos of John Paul II were playing and people were quietly standing in the piazza watching. It was awesome. I am planning on coming here tomorrow morning, as it is about a thirty minute walk, which by now is nothing.


On my way home I stopped in for Mass at a small but beautiful church just around the corner from where I am staying. Thanks to Sorella Emma, I knew there was a 6 pm Mass. After Mass, on the recommendation of two Italian ladies, I stopped in at Caffè Piave for margherita pizza and a glass of red wine.


After tomorrow I think I will be ready to leave Rome, as I prefer the smaller towns in Italy. I know I will be returning here in just a few weeks when my brother and sister-in-law join me, so I didn’t feel the need to tour the Colosseum or anything else, because we may do that together later. We’ll see how close I get tomorrow morning to be a part of the crowd watching the beatification from Santa Maria Maggiore. Rain is in the forecast.

  1. Bonnie D

    Hope to hear more about the beatification. The photography is terrific, I expect nothing less from you! I am so glad you took an extended trip this year. I really am.

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