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  1. Bonnie D.

    Old buildings and new buildings rise to meet the beautiful blues in the sky. I love the many rounded lines to buildings, very art noveau, & the vegetables markets, you can taste the tomatoes. And of course, a fat cat is a well cared for cat. What a place. I can feel the breeze.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Margie,

      My name is Tony Cancelliere. I am from Longano, born their in 1947 and came to Philadelphia in 1950 with my parents. While viewing this page, I noticed a picture of my Aunt Mary on her balconey. You also took a picture of my Godmother working in her field.

      Thank you for the great joy you have given me. I do go back every couple of years to visit.
      I read somewhere in your bio, that your grandparents were from Longano. Are you from the Philadelphia area?

  2. Donna Musser

    Sure looks like you’re having perfect weather. So much nicer than when we were there two years ago, huh?

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