Palermo by Day

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May 18

After a good night’s sleep, we all wanted to walk around the center of Palermo for at least a few hours and enjoy what we could in the light of day. It actually was lovely, and I am glad we had time to see parts of it during the day when we were rested.

One of my favorite experiences was coming across a shoemaker, who allowed us to go inside his shop and watch him as he cut the leather to make a pair of men’s shoes by hand.
It was something we knew we would never see in the U.S. and it was just one of those moments. He was very happy that we had stopped, and posed for a photo. I had to promise that I would send him a copy.


If you ever go to Palermo, stop in and see Gino Conciauro on via Monteleone. His shoes looked wonderful and the prices were much lower than you would expect.


Life seems simpler here in Sicily and everything seems to cost a little less too. The people are happy and especially happy to talk to someone who is from America. When we tell them that our grandparents were born in Sicily, and they came to America from the port of Palermo, they are especially pleased. Anyone with whom I had a conversation had never been to the U.S. but invariably had a cousin who came there or lives there.


I wish I had more time to spend in Palermo and talk with the people, but we decided we would go to Cefalù and enjoy some beach time.

Protection in Palermo

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  1. Bonnie D

    We had an Arab shoemaker in Tampa for awhile. I used him when I needed saddlework or any leather work. I agree it is hard to find artisans anywhere you go. That was when I lived in Hillsborough. When I moved up here I used a guy in Pinellas. He was an old tracker and made boots and saddles. He finally passed away and I am out of the loop for any other leather workers. In re the pictures, I would love a copy of the cathedral or whatever building is number 5 or 6 in this sequence. After the leatherworker there is a food truck and then the building with a tall palm tree to the right, that is the one. It really calls to me.

    • viczig

      I love Palermo and exploring it’s hidden delights is always a highlight oft trips to Sicily. Toady we came across that very shoemaker in via Monteleone. Fantastic shoes and as you say, all handmade. I might go back and buy a pair before we leave.

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