Milano with Rick and Monica

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Saturday May 14

We caught up on our exercise, as we were on the streets of Milan from before 10 and walked until 4. No Metro today as we needed some exercise, and we walked down Corso Buenos Aires, which becomes Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, and went to the Duomo. It was a good day to be outside because it was cloudy and not hot. It was supposed to rain, so we got lucky.


We spent all day sightseeing at the Duomo, the Galleria, La Scala, and La Rinascente.
We went inside the Duomo and could not get over how huge it is. We walked down the designer fashion street of Monte Napoleone, checking out the fashions and prices in the range of €800 for a pair of men’s shoes and €500 for a sweater.


By the time we were ready for lunch, we had forgotten that Italian restaurants close by 2:30, so we walked to an alimentaria and picked up some fruit, focaccia, salami and cheese, and then found the bar around the corner from our hotel was open, so we had lunch there anyway.

After a quick rest and a Skype call, we went to Mass at a small church near our hotel, and then spent the early evening in the bar with Max for our last night in Milan. We needed to pack and get to bed early, since we planned on leaving the hotel just after 7 in the morning to take the train to Levanto and the Cinque Terre.


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  1. Jill

    The photo of you and Monica is just wonderful!! You must feel thrilled having your brother and Monica to share these days together!
    As I read your daily news and happenings, Margie, I’m thinking… How many times in one reading can a person say wonderful! incredible! Wow! (feel like I’ve never even used a Thesaurus in my life)!! The immensity and enormity of the architecture, combined with the history of the area and the architectural styles and all you are experiencing is invigorating reading! You write so eloquently! I LOVE your updates! Having your family, there while exploring during this ancestoral visit sounds like togetherness is a real joy, Margie!
    Love and Hugs to You,

  2. Lori Samarin

    Now those shoes shown in the photo, I love……….The pair on the left are stunning: Sex in the City stunning! I remember the line Carrie said when she saw a pair she loved: “Hello lover!. Yes, I guess you can fall in love with a pair of shoes after all!

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