First Day in Rome

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May 25 Today we left for Rome, but not before we made one more stop at the post office to mail the ceramics back. Since it was a post office in the village of Colle d’Anchise, the process was much shorter.


Antonella ran into us there and we said goodbye one more time. We got to Rome with no problems, dropped off the rental car, and took a cab to our hotel. I feel like I am reconnected now that we have a phone signal and wi-fi.

We had a great lunch at Ristorante Ambasciata Di Capri, not far from our hotel, and recommended by the hotel as a place off the beaten path with authentic Italian food and frequented by the locals. We were not disappointed as we had the gnocchi, ravioli and spaghetti. The owner Mario seated us and started singing almost immmediately. It was a great start to Rome.


After a a short rest we walked to Trastevere and checked out a few spots, then found another great spot for dinner on a side street near Piazza San Cosimato and then walked back.

I think we walked at least four miles each way, although my brother insists it was less. He is kicking my butt with the exercise and my feet are feeling it. Three more days of this!

Actually I am enjoying being in Rome with Rick and Monica much more than when I came alone last month! Tomorrow we are going to the Vatican. Ciao.


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