Saturday May 21

Before we went to the ceramics shop we drove around Caltagirone and had to see La Scalinetta with its 142 steps of hand-painted ceramics.


Since it was May, the steps were decorated with flowers creating a beautiful design. Naturally this was a photo op we could not miss. Although there are hundreds of ceramic shops in this Baroque town of almost 40,000 people, Monica and Cologero took us to the shop of E. Boria, where Calogero is friends with the man who hand paints the ceramic pieces.


Not only did we get to meet him and see his work area where numerous ceramic pieces were in process, but anything we purchased was discounted, thanks to Calogero. Monica and I were in heaven!


So now I have some new additions to my ceramics collection and of course will be making another trip to the post office. By the end of the day we said goodbye, but not before we received two lemons the size of grapefruit from Monica and Calogero’s giardino. We drove back home to Teresa’s in Taormina, and everyone was tired and called it a night. I learned a lot of Italian today.

I have added a link to Read My Articles for an article I wrote after visiting Caltagirone the first time. It really is a very cool town in Sicily.


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