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May 5

My accommodations in Bologna are at another convent/monastery but this one is a little different, as it is actually a dorm of a college, San Tommaso. It is much nicer than the convent accommodations I had in Rome, and the curfew here is 1am.

I set off to explore the city and found Piazza Maggiore which seemed to be the center of activity. There are a lot of students here and young people, as Bologna has the oldest university in the world, dating back to 1088, and today there are over 100,000 students.


Bologna seems easier to get around than some cities like Rome, as the streets appear to be laid out in a more organized fashion. The other thing that is cool here are all the porticos over all the sidewalks. I probably never will need an umbrella because so many walkways are covered. Some of them are actually works of art themselves with frescoes on the ceilings. The architecture is amazing and it seems around every corner there is another palazzo.


I had dinner at an outdoor ristorante on via Clavature, and naturally, everything was delicious. As usual, I was asked for directions a few times, and on the way home, I actually could give them. I had taken some cryptic notes for myself, so I could find my way back, and I actually knew where I was, I must look like I belong here, because the reaction when I say “non solo Italiano” is one of surprise.


Tomorrow I am thinking of taking the train to Ferrara. Vediamo.


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  1. imarancher

    Perhaps because of the vino we are seeing double typings, et al. LOL

    I have broken down and listed with worldpress and therefore now can like the site. Whooeee!

    Back on topic: do you suppose the glorious architecture is due to the long history of Italy or to the talents of the people? We seem to be satisfied with much simpler buildings here. I really hate boxes and always did. I am so much more an art deco girl which is plain compaired to older European art but I cannot imagine Americans decorating overhangs. The world thought I was crazy when I got on my hands and knees to see what my son saw when he crawled around. All my tables and mobiles had plenty of “art” under them for his benefit. It is very boring down there! Apparently the Italians have noticed the same thing for adults. What kind of material do they use to enhance the overhangs and what material is the overhang made of itself. I am more than a little curious about this.

  2. bagnidilucca

    We were in Bologna last week earlier this week and had lunch at one the tables in your last photo. I always stay in a hotel in Via Drapperie beside the fabulous markets. I love Bologna! Thanks for taking me back.

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