An Afternoon at the Beach

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May 3

After I returned from the marble quarries, I took a bus to Marina di Carrara, the next small town where there is port and a beach. Living in Florida, I have missed the beach, so it was wonderful to be able to just sit on a piece of driftwood on the wide and mostly deserted beach, and feel the breeze and the sand between my toes. As I listened to the rhythmic sounds of the waves, I could see the Ligurian Sea in front of me, and if I turned around, the majestic mountains gleaming with white marble behind me. Incredible!


I always feel so relaxed and find being at the ocean so peaceful. Bellissima!


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  1. Candace

    Ah, so glad you found the beach, I would imagine you have missed that about Florida.

  2. Bonnie D

    I was wondering yesterday at how long it had been since you had seen the sea! I knew it had to be coming soon! It is the most truthful thing in the world that once you have sand in your shoes you will be craving more. And once the sea rocks you to sleep you will love the ocean forever. Even as you respect its power. . . enjoy. .

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