An Easy Day in Carrara

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May 5

I am at the train station in Carrara. I arrived early because I wanted to buy my ticket to Bologna, having to change trains only once, in Florence. Carrara-Avenza station is small, and everything is made of marble, the seats outside, the walls and floors of the waiting room and the steps going to the different tracks, naturally.


Across the railroad tracks I can see the mountains looming high into the sky gleaming in the sun. This is a beautiful place in Italy.

I spent yesterday browsing the shops and walking around Carrara. The Carrarese people are so nice. They will leave their shops and walk halfway down the street to give you directions. At one point in a gelato shop, a group of young teenagers heard me asking for directions. Since they knew some English they were all so eager to help me. They actually left the shop with me, and walked me all the way, at least two blocks, to show me where I needed to go. It must have been a sight, six Italian teenagers leading me down alleys and hills in Carrara!

I enjoyed my last evening in Carrara at a wonderful little osteria, La Capinera. I was the only one in there at first, and the owner was cooking for me! What an experience, and of course, tutto buono!


This morning on the bus to the train station, an Italian man gave me his seat, and this initiated an emotionally-charged conversation in Italian between him and an older woman. I would have gladly given her the seat, but it was clear that he was making a point that it had been his seat, and he gave it to me.

Then when I got off the bus at the station, this same man unloaded my bag for me, and also walked me to the station, lifting my bag up the steps. He was such a gentleman.

Now it is on to Bologna, and maybe the towns of Ferrara and Ravenna. Vediamo. (We’ll see).


  1. Bonnie D

    I was thinking about the sunlight coming off the marble works and lighting up the area and then, as always happens when my heart flies too high, I cracked up laughing at the teenagers hustling you out of town. LOL Of course they were just being helpful as you said. But if it was me I would be sure they were getting rid of me. We have such a different take on things. I have learned a great deal from your trip. I am so glad I am along for the ride.

    As for the elderly gentleman, I think his wife was more concerned for him than you. And I agree that it is his seat and his feelings that come first. He will dream of the American girl for the rest of his life (ah the signoria I saw was a vision of light). Good for you!

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