Perugia’s Mini Metro

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Saturday April 16
Today I am going to Orvieto, which is a project just to get there, although well worth it. The transportation included taking Perugia’s Mini Metro, 3 trains, and a funicular, a two hour process altogether.

Perugia has a Mini Metro which consists of unmanned “cars” with seats and standing space, each car possibly having a capacity for 30 people. It operates on a series of cables and transports people from the centro storico on top of the hill to the lower part of Perugia, near the train station and other areas. The distance it covers is approximately 3 km or just under two miles, and takes a few minutes at a cost of one euro and 50 cents. It really is pretty cool!


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  1. Bonnie D

    Now that looks like a cool ride without the cost of the Amusement Park!

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