Murano and Glassmaking

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Master glassmaker at work

Friday April 8, 2011

Today I went to Murano to see the master glassmakers at work. The last time I was not able to see this because most of the furnaces were closed as it was Sunday. With no pre-arranged tour, I wandered around in search of an open furnace where I would be able to watch this art first-hand.

Well I was in luck today because just by chance I arrived at the Schiavon Gallery, and had the privilege to meet designer Massimiliano Schiavon, as he was overseeing two of his master glassmakers, Claudio Zama and Giorgio Valentini, create one of the most beautiful vases I have ever seen. The entire experience was incredible! His showroom looks like an art gallery, and truly it is, as each piece has been certified as object d’art.

Master glassmakers in Murano

Not only was this an experience I will never forget, observing these talented artists at work, but I was overwhelmed by their friendliness and generosity. Massimiliano took time to talk with me personally, and Sergio, his buyer who spoke both languages gave me a personal tour and explained the process to me. The beautiful and welcoming Livia could not have been any nicer. She greeted me as though I were some kind of VIP, gave me the only seat and I had a private personalized experience!

I left there totally content beyond imagination. if I didn’t do anything else in Murano, I was happy. As it happened, I then wandered in to the gallery of the famous Simone Cenedese, and continued to be amazed!

Later I stopped for a great late afternoon meal of pasta pomodoro, insalata mista, and a coca light at an outside table at Ristorante Dalla Moro.

Of course I shopped for some of the wonderful Murano glass jewelry – how could I resist? I took the vaporetto back the long way, stopping at the islands of Burano and Torcello, enjoying the scenery in the lagoon. When I arrives at the Fondamento Nuova stop, I wandered back through the winding passageways to the Grand Canal.

  1. Bonnie D

    I’m not sure if these artistas were so kind when Margie came across them or if she is still taming lions as she goes through life. Either way this would be a good place for the rest of us to seek out if we follow in her footsteps!

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