Last Day in Siena

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Wednesday April 27 Last Day in Siena

I am sitting alone on a terrace at the back of my hotel writing. It is such a peaceful setting, the birds are chirping, it is a little cool, and I hear some traffic from Viale Curtatone, the main street in front of the hotel. I am having a home-made lunch of fresh Tuscan bread, pecorino cheese, and a pear, and it is great.

I have already made three trips to the post office today, and am catching up, packing and may go down to the Campo one last time this evening. I will be leaving for Rome in the morning, which requires a bus and two trains. Siena is not on any direct routes to many places other than Florence, yet it has been a wonderful city to base myself in for my ten days in Tuscany without a car. After yesterday’s excursion to Montepulciano, today is more a day to relax. Next post from Roma. Ciao.



  1. Bonnie D

    I myself am going to miss this hotel. I loved the patio and the gentle sounds of traffic in the background, competing with the bird calls. A hideaway from the rest of the world.

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