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Friday April 22
Italian Soccer Fans in Siena

It was early Friday evening and I was in my hotel room, when I heard a lot of noise outside, as though someone was announcing something on a loudspeaker. It was Good Friday in Italy and there is a cathedral around the corner, so I thought maybe there was some outside religious event going on.

I grabbed my jacket and left to see what was going on, not wanting to miss out on what could be a major event. To my naïveté and surprise, the cathedral appeared closed, yet the streets were filled with people and there were quite a few police. The people were not strolling, as in la passeggiata, but appeared to have an agenda, and then I realized what was going on.

Sienna, Italy soccer game

I saw the lights and the soccer stadium, which is behind my hotel, and after inquiring from the police, I became aware that there was a soccer game between Siena and Venezia. Never having been to a professional soccer game, I found out where to buy a ticket, thinking that if it was a reasonable cost, I would go. Fortunately for me, the ticket cost 8 euros, which was incredible, and of course, I bought one and went to my first Italian soccer game!

Italian Soccer Fans in Siena

Italians are passionate about life but they are really passionate about soccer! I loved being part of the crowd, hearing the fans singing, yelling, probably swearing in Italian, and stomping their feet on the aluminum stands, which made a deafening sound. It was a great time! Afterwards I found a gelato shop and ended the evening with an amarena gelato.

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  1. Lori Samarin

    Stupendo! Stai veramente diventando un’italiana. ” Chi ha vinto?”

  2. Bonnie D

    Wow, a busy few days. The belltower at Firenze must have been a major form of entertainment back in the day. No planes and few people made it more than a few miles from home. To be able to climb 400 and something steps and see so far away and to recognize places they were told about. A major exploration for them. With a more traveled friend to explain the view it was the Medieval version of Rick Steves adventures!

    And what are those strange roofs on the old buildings of San Gimignano? They look like cobblestones themselves. Perhaps to divert enemy arrows? 13th Century Walls and 9th Century cobblestones and piazzas? I was surprised the early 1900 cobblestones in Dade City were remarkably intact! I do love architecture and you sure picked a beautiful trail to follow.

    Did you realize you probably solved the mystery of why Soccer is so popular? The low prices. The last time I went to a Bucs game was with a fan named BJ Hunter. The seats were $70 for two of them in the low rent district but not in the endzone. Parking was $5 and that left 25 for snacks. We ate before and after the game since we had to drive into Tampa. That was in 1988. Yes it was. $100 for a couple of hours. Have no idea what it is now.

    And this is why our version of Football is not so popular as Futball is. No NFL Team Owners to drive up prices! LOL And did they blow those strange skinny horns that sound like a bellowing goat with a sinus problem? That is a serious drawback for some of us. Perhaps that is just a South American thing?

    Keep sending your wonderful posts and pics. I miss them when you skip a day or two. I hope you make a video when you get home and pass it around.

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