Italian Post Office Frustration

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I thought I had the Italian post office figured out, but apparently not. I didn’t think my Italian post office frustration could be any worse than my previous experience. Again I was wrong. This morning I went to buy a box, and didn’t realize I was in the wrong line. After I reached the window, the clerk informed me, in Italian, that there is another area where a signora will sell me a box. When I went to this area, I happened to be behind a man who needed some research by the clerk into several volumes of binders. After at least 15 minutes in this line, I finally was able to buy the box, and then go back to my hotel and pack it.

This is just the way it is in Italy at the post office, molto lentamente. This first trip there this morning took over a half hour. Then when I returned, after waiting in line again for another 20 minutes or so with my box, I found to my dismay, that it weighed over five kg, and now I would have to pay quite a bit more. Not having expected this, I only had 50 euros cash, and naturally cash is required at the Italian post office.

I knew I needed to go to a Bancomat today anyway, and I guess I should have gone prior to the post office errand. The result of poor planning on my part necessitated my leaving the post office, finding a Bancomat, and returning to pay the 80 euros shipping price.

I think I will curtail some of my shopping so that I can minimize my trips to the Italian post office in these next few weeks. Many times things in Italy are much slower, and sometimes this is definitely part of its appeal. For those who live here though, it’s not so easy having to deal with these situations on a daily basis.  This is just one example of why I tell everyone that I truly love Italia and love being here, but for those of you who always ask, I know that I would not want to live here on a permanent basis.

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  1. Francis

    Actually my post office at Bagni di Lucca is quite cooperative and as for my bank account with Bancoposta I have nothing but praise for the much better rates I get from them than other banks and also their good investment advice. Also there’s the fact there are still post offices in Italy. In the UK you have to hunt for them and they are usually tucked in a supermarket corner somewhere out of sight.

  2. Debra Kolkka

    You could lose the will to live in an Italian post office. The people who work there take great delight in making your life as miserable as possible. I dread walking through the door.

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you so much for this comment, Debra. I’m laughing because I know that since you live in Italy half the year …you have been to the post office numerous times. I love your description!!!!

  3. Diana

    THE DREADED POST OFFICE!!!! Margie! That place is nuts….I think they could make a pretty good reality show based solely on the Italian post office!

  4. Bonnie D

    I am pretty sure you will put together a video of your experiences and I am wondering what it would take to get a copy of it? I am pretty sure it will be better than Rick Steeves every dreamed of being! The post office and transportation narratives alone would be entertaining!

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