Getting Lost in Venice

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I have spent two full days in Venice and am happy to say that I haven’t stepped into one museum or church since I have arrived. My love of Italy has always been more about the people and the experience of discovering little known places.

Venice certainly is the place for that because actually, there are no real streets here. It is a walking city, and you do not see many bicycles, because of the hundreds of little bridges which must be traversed by steps in both directions.

Instead of streets there are alleys, called callés and literally, they are usually only about five feet wide. It is a given that you will get lost here, even with a map (which really is a good thing to have), but getting lost in Venice is part of Venice’s charm.

A map is a help but I have learned to count steps to the next turn and take notes; otherwise there is no way to find your way back. Even with this trick, I have never left and found my way back without getting lost.

Gondolas in Venice along the Grand Canal
The weather has been unseasonably warm here, as the Italians say, “Fa caldo,” and it feels like late spring or early summer without humidity. What more can anyone want? I am totally loving being here!

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