Another Day to Relax

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Wednesday April 20
I had originally thought I would go to Firenze today, and decided to relax and go to tomorrow. So I walked to Piazza del Campo and did a little writing there, then walked back and now I am sitting in my private personal spot in the garden of Albergo Chiusarelli under the shade tree.

I couldn’t ask for better weather as the mornings and evenings are cool and it is sunny and warm during the day. At this time of year the hotel does not use the heat or the air, so the room is a little cool at night but it is a small price to pay to be in Italy.

The Italians always dress well and even when it is warm, women wear scarves, and sometimes even the men. Everyone seems to carry a crossover bag, including Italian men and even the police are dressed. If anyone is wearing shorts and a T-shirt, you can be sure they are not Italian.


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  1. Lori Samarin

    Certamente/ Certainly- Italians pride themselves in their sense of style. It is after all, part of the “bella figura”, meaning the appearance one makes on others; not to mention that Italian fashion is part of our patrimony to be exported. Those guards are the municipal police, whose uniforms were designed by PUCCI.

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