Train Travel and Small Towns

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Even though I have been researching Italy every day, I am suddenly realizing that in 46 more days, just a little over 6 more weeks, I will be leaving for Italy! Although I already have planned out an agenda for about half of my stay, the rest of the time is unplanned as of now.

I do not consider myself to be completely spontaneous, as I like a certain amount of structure in my life. I am trying to decide which locations I would like to explore in a country that is about twice the size of Florida. I already have plans for Milano, Venezia, the Cinque Terre, Roma, Campobasso, and Sicilia.

I know I want to spend time in small villages, and I want to be near the sea, so I’m researching and planning an itinerary that includes the northern Italian towns of Bergamo, Asiago, Verona, Carrara, Parma, and the coastal towns of Viareggio, Rimini, Pesaro, and maybe the small republic of San Marino. I wonder if there is any hidden meaning to the fact that two of towns I hope to visit, Asiago and Parma, are famous for types of cheese. Photo by  StuporesMundi

I will undoubtedly become very familiar with the Trenitalia schedules and train stations during my adventure.   I would love to be able to ride on Trenitalia’s fastest train, the Frecciarossa, which can reach speeds up to 350 km/hr. Those high-speed trains unfortunately do not travel between small towns, but instead operate between the larger cities like Rome, Milan and Venice. I might have to include one of those routes as part of my itinerary solely for the experience!

  1. Bonnie

    How long will your Roman trek be? A lot depends on how much time you have to enjoy an area. And cheese isn’t everything is it? There is wine too! Hope you have plenty of both. And some good crusty bread too. Perhaps a handsome fellow to show you around his home town. Now that would be some vacation.

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