Decision Decisions – Planning My Itinerary

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As it is already the middle of January, and I realize that I will be leaving for Italy in a little over two and a half months, I am trying to decide on different itineraries as I peruse Rick Steves’ books and read about the hill towns in Umbria and Tuscany. There are so many things to think about, for instance, do I want to be in Rome on May 1st when Pope John Paul II is beatified during an outdoor Mass at the Vatican? I don’t know; on the one hand  I could be part of a historic religious event like no other,  and on the other hand, I could  be part of the estimated  two million visitors expected for this event at Piazza San Pietro. May 1st is also an International Workers’ Day, an official holiday in Italy, and most of Europe. In Rome the Italian labor unions organize a huge concert (Concerto del Primo Maggio) and it attracts hundreds of thousands of young people every year, beginning at Piazza San Giovanni. Decisions decisions…

St Peter's Square at the Vatican ©

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