Booking Rooms in Cinque Terre

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Now that things are getting a little closer, I am busy looking for hotel accommodations in the Cinque Terre area, and am finding that I will be there at high season, and the rooms are priced accordingly. Not wanting to actually stay in one of the five villages in the Cinque Terre, I had decided that Levanto was a good spot, as it has easy access to the villages and has good reviews as a nice town close to the Cinque Terre.

The rooms I had looked at a month ago are now gone, or the price has skyrocketed, so I was beginning to panic a little, and felt the need to research and book something as soon as possible for as reasonable a rate as I could find. After almost an hour,  (good thing I enjoy travel research) I lucked out and was able to book what looks like a lovely family-run 17 room hotel, which has been recently updated. The reviews are great and the rooms look lovely, and it is within easy walking distance from the Levanto train station and very close to the beach.  I guess time will tell whether it is as good as it seems!

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