Begining to Feel More Comfortable

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OK -So far so good inasmuch as the website works and comments are appearing. Thank you to all my readers for being supportive. I still have a lot to learn, for instance, trying to add a link to Google Maps. If you are wondering what I do in my spare time, this is it. I’m trying to teach myself how to navigate setting up and posting on a blog. As an Italian priest wrote to me on Facebook, “Ti chiedo ancora un po di pazienza.” In other words, I am asking you for a little patience.

Italian class went well today, translating and conjugating the passato remoto verbs and reading about shopping for clothes in Italy. I guess they are both very important to know, but I have a feeling the second part may come in handy, sooner than the first. 85 days and counting!

  1. Clare Savoca

    Hi there,

    I like your website, what a great idea ! I’ve added it as one of my home pages, so every time I turn my computer on… Look forward to seeing you on your travels.

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